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“Save the Pixel” is the best-selling ebook by Ben Hunt of London web designers Scratchmedia that gives you an easy-to-follow philosophy of Simple Web Design together with dozens of practical tips for making your web sites more direct, more appealing, and more successful.

Most web sites lose visitors through the same simple errors - like having just too much stuff on the screen, making it harder for your visitors to engage with your brand, and less likely they'll find what they want.

"Save the Pixel" shows you how, simply by reducing the amount of stuff on screen and using easy techniques to focus visitor attention on key elements, you can make web pages that are accessible and pleasant to use, and far more successful.

The Save the Pixel Approach

"Save the Pixel" is both a simple design philosophy and a toolkit of easy-to-use techniques that increase your web site's success.

With over 20 full web redesigns as case studies, Ben Hunt shows a set of vital pixel-saving principles and practices.

The tutorials, notes, and "before & after" snapshots of each site redesign clearly show where pixels are so often wasted and what you can do to save them, without sacrificing appeal.

The results… clear and appealing web sites that people like to use.

Who should read this book?

If you design, build or commission web sites, you need to understand fundamentally that you're playing a percentage game.

Your only goal is to get the maximum number of visitors from page one to page two, then from page two through to getting what they came for, achieving your goals at the same time.

Do you know your website has about eight seconds to convince a visitor that they're in the right place. "Yes, I am going to get what I want here." If your site isn't doing that, it's failing.

This book shows you how.

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This book will give you…

Screenshots of web site redesigns from web design book

Insight into professional web design discipline that will help you create successful web sites and page designs in less time, with less effort and with more impact.

Principles to help you select the design solution that's most likely to work, and to direct your creative energy effectively.

Dozens of practical techniques and tips on information architecture, page layout copy writing craft and graphic design.

Don't take my word for it!

Howie Jacobson is the author of “Adwords for Dummies”. He says...

“Save the Pixel is the best book on web design and usability I've ever read, and one of the best books on internet marketing in general. If you're sending traffic to your web site via Google AdWords and you haven't discovered the strategies and tactics in Save the Pixel, I guarantee you're throwing away money.

“It's not just information, but a systematic way of designing a site for your customers rather than your web designer's online portfolio. Save the Pixel is the one book I insist my clients read before I'll roll out an AdWords campaign for them.”


  1. The Art of Simple Web Design
    The core of the "Save the Pixel" campaign for simple, beautiful web sites. Includes "Enough, and no more", "Design the content, not the box" and more tips on design discipline.
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  2. Why are we Here?
    Looks at getting clear about your purpose before you start designing, with practical tips on setting and defining useful goals.
  3. Make a Site for its Visitors
    Understanding what people are really looking for when they go to a web site, and helping deliver win-win solutions.
  4. Spread the Smell of Success
    The importance of creating a scent trail that keeps visitors believing that they're on track and engaged with the site.
  5. The Simple Shall Inherit the World Wide Web
    Proof of why simple works in web design, and why being brilliant doesn't necessarily mean being clever.
  6. Getability and the Brand
    Introduces getability as the vital factor in a successful web page, and how it relates to the brand. Includes a guide on defining or developing a brand.
  7. Layout
    How to arrange web pages so that they're getable at every level, with clear real estate, a focal point, and a meaningful information cascade.
  8. Navigation
    A comprehensive guide to types of navigation, with a host of tips on what makes nav really work.
  9. Noticeability
    Balancing the visual impact of elements on screen to manage the visitor's attention to optimise retention and success. Looks at size, contrast, boldness, colour, space, 3D effects, and movement.
  10. Give me Space
    Reveals the Golden Rule of Spacing - how to arrange elements on screen for maximum readability and perfect meaning.
  11. Design your Content
    Saving the pixel brings the focus on your content. The final chapter is full of tips and tricks for crafting powerful text and imagery that get your message across better.

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The Art of Simple Web Design

  • Save the Pixel is brillant, just brillant - just what is needed! A must read for anyone who designs and develops web sites.
    Anne Nortcliffe, University lecturer
  • It has revolutionised the way that I think about websites and I only wish I could have read it sooner.
    David Carr
  • A real gem of a book.
    Trent Brown
  • Every working web designer should read it... Best $30 I spent all year...
  • I utilized some of the techniques with the getability section and some various techniques, and it helped me close 2 projects worth over $4000 each.
  • I just read Save the Pixel and loved it! Ive read about a half a dozen books on web design, and Save the Pixel says 3X as much in half the space.
  • A real gem of a book.
    Trent Brown
  • Whether you are a web designer or a company looking to enhance your web presence, Save The Pixel is a must read.
    Paul Dixon
  • I purchased this ebook a while back and I can say from personal experience that it is worth every penny.
    Bernadot Studios
  • Any webdesigner should buy and read this great ebook.
    Jurgen Nijhuis

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Educational Use

If you're a tutor and would like to use "Save the Pixel" in a school, college or university, you are welcome to print out excerpts for your students.

If you use the material for large numbers of students, you are invited to make any donation you feel is appropriate.