• Save the Pixel is brillant, just brillant - just what is needed! A must read for anyone who designs and develops web sites.
    Anne Nortcliffe, University lecturer
  • After working on website development for years I read the Save the pixel book by scratchmedia. It has revolutionised the way that I think about websites and I only wish I could have read it sooner.
    David Carr
  • A real gem of a book.
    Trent Brown
  • Every working web designer should read it as it is chock full of great tips and advice for creating great user experiences. An excellent resource even for seasoned Web design pros but it should be required reading for all aspiring and new Web designers but especially wannabes This book demonstrates very well why real design is a lot more than mere decoration and why every pixel counts when your site tries to communicate a brand or message as clearly as possible. Best $30 I spent all year...
  • The principles in this book are really outstanding and really work. I utilized some of the techniques with the getability section and some various techniques, and it helped me close 2 projects worth over $4000 each.
  • I just read Save the Pixel and loved it! Ive read about a half a dozen books on web design, and Save the Pixel says 3X as much in half the space.
  • Hi, Im a web designer in the U.S. I bought your book Save the Pixel and I found it incredibly useful and helpful. It seems impossible to find information on how to effectively communicate on the web, and this book was a great help. THANK YOU!
    Jillian Nickell
  • Whether you are a web designer or a company looking to enhance your web presence, Save The Pixel is a must read.
    Paul Dixon
  • If you design websites, you will want to check this out.

    An easy to read and apply how-to guide to building simple and effective websites. I purchased this ebook a while back and I can say from personal experience that it is worth every penny. It is chock-full of real advice and instruction on building clean, crisp websites that meet the needs of your clients.
    Bernadot Studios
  • “Save the Pixel“ - one of the best books on goal-oriented webdesign.

    Ben Hunt has done a great job writing this one, its simple, pleasure to read and - last but not least - cheap.

    The key idea is that design is a means of information communication and presentation, which many webdesign companies completely forget. Now this guy reminds it to you.

    Having 6 years of design experience, I highly recommend this book to anyone involved in sites production or thinking about ordering a site for himself.

    Why should you read it? Simple: you will learn to work less, work faster and work more efficient. Given that the book isnt a thick old-school manual you will read and start to implement the contained ideas real fast.
  • This book is fantastic! As a self taught web designer I have been on the lookout for this book for years! Thank you, Ben. Not only will this make my decision making easier - it will save me from the hell of its not quite perfect... I GET IT! I am excited to get to work - something I havent been for quite awhile!
  • Well worth the money. He has a very no-nonsense style that I think a lot of us as web designers need to re-adhere to.
    Kara Gates, Base Aesthetic
  • Any webdesigner should buy and read this great ebook. Unless youre a guru webdesigner already, youre bound to learn something from this ebook. The focus is not on the technical or arty aspects of webdesign, but purely on the functional and communicational aspects of web design. Very inspirational, very nice to read. Especially when youre relatively new in web design, but not a complete rookie, and want to take your general web design knowledge to a higher level, this is an absolute must read!
    Jurgen Nijhuis, ArgosMedia
  • One of the best book I have ever read about web design.
    James Bell
  • Web Design from Scratch has been on my bookmarks for the longest time now, as I was taken aback when I first chanced upon it. It presented web design in such a structured, educational but yet enlightening way that I could not help but continue to be drawn to its contents. It helped shape the way I design my sites, even though web design is just a hobby of mine. So when Ben released "Save the Pixel", it was almost a given that I would purchase it.

    And the book sure did not disappoint. Filled with lots of examples, Ben gave a terrific explanation about how to develop a site, from the concept, all the way down to production, complete with diagrams, theories and frameworks. It might sound like a mouthful but somehow, he made it easy to understand. And what I realize, it can be applied to almost any design work one is embarking on, advertising campaigns, posters, billboards, magazine covers, etc. The concepts presented were something new and revolutionary and challenged the way I thought about what creativity really means. I have read it and re-read it and still found it refreshing and useful.

    “Save the Pixel” is certainly a gem that I would recommend to anyone who is interested in design work of any kind, and not only web design.

    Benjamin Png
  • The book was excellent - short and to the point.
    Richard Griffiths
  • A great book from a great teacher.

    With very clear principles and with countless ideas, Save the Pixel showed me what I want the websites that I create to be like.

    Chen Nathan
  • “Save the Pixel” will change the way you design websites.
    Spencer Norman
  • I want to recommend a 100-page ebook thats the smartest guide to effective web design out there, and probably one of the best books on Internet marketing that youre likely to find.

    The ebook is called Save the Pixel and its by Ben Hunt, a UK-based web designer who has drawn a lot of attention with his very useful online tutorials and articles about Web 2.0 design.

    If you are doing anything online, or are considering it, then Save the Pixel will be some of the most valuable stuff youll ever read.

    If youre just getting started and dont have a site yet, Bens insights will save you a lot of time and hundreds of dollars in unnecessary design dead ends and fancy dysfunctional sites.

  • I bought the Save the Pixel ebook and found it amazingly helpful and eye-opening.

    Your approach is so simple, I think of it as simple genius. I'm not trying to butter you up but my former company has contracted with web designers in the past to build sites for various products. I always struggled with the designers because the layouts just were not working but I had a hard time figuring out and explaining to them why.

    Your ebook made it all very clear.

    Roberta Altstadt
  • I finished reading it on the plane home yesterday and really enjoyed it. I found that it provided reaffirmation for some ideas and clarified others. I also found some new ideas around displaying results. The entire concept of simplifying and stripping away to reveal meaning makes a lot of sense to me.

    The case studies were really valuable in showing how you managed to clearly represent what the end client will be looking for. The TraceTracker design really blew me away. Well done. Visually stunning and you figured out a way to communicate what the company provides. Now I have to go try and figure out how to communicate what a couple of law firms provide without the clichéd scales, pillars and law books.

    Jim Spencer
  • Its just what I was looking for. I know it will be a lot of use for me to build my new website.

    I would have bought the e-book for double the price

    Edwin van de Plasse
  • For anyone who still cares about quality design and clean, intuitive user interfaces for modern web designs, Ben Hunt is your man.

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